Saturday, 24 December 2016


Got more than a dozen of free Nobita and friends tattoos for some candies. I've seen kids buying candies just to get their favorite characters' tattoos. But my son differs from this.  Don't know why... He does not like them.

Now, what to do with these??? So, in order to encourage him, I decided to go for a tattoo 😜. DoneπŸ‘,  I bear a tattoo on my left wrist πŸ˜†...

I kept showing my tattoo to him, now and then, thinking that he would ask for one...But nothing motivated him.

Whatever,  I'm with a "Nobita" tattoo, in my mid-thirtiesπŸ˜‚... It's fun. 

Little Angels

Cute little Angels from my Mom's garden 🏑 

I'm at my Mom's place for my son's mid-term vacation. Yesterday morning, these cute ones waved at me, dancing to the tune 🎢 of a gentle cold breeze. Awww!!! 

And so... here are my clicks πŸ“· ... 

This was planted by my brother-like  "V".  He takes care of everything at my Mom's absence and sometimes takes care of my Mom too. He's family😊.

Location: My Mom's garden, Pondicherry. 
Camera: Samsung Galaxy S5 

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Another cake disaster😜

Wanted to bake a marble cake with swirl pattern, so browsed and browsed for a recipe to work my idea. Finally, I was so confident as I chose a recipe from a blogger 🌍 who takes baking class. 

Last night, I mixed the batter, poured it into the baking tray, made the swirl pattern and put it into my oven. All set. 

The cake raised, raised and raised😰, flooded all over my ovenπŸ˜•, the crust darkened,  and then suddenly the cake went flat. 😣 It took more than an hour to bake.

The cake was so oily... And soggy... Not firm. 
.  It was a mess. πŸ˜₯

I was about to discard it, But my mom came to rescue. She asked me to layer the broken cake pieces with tissue papers to absorb the oil. I did as she told and left it overnight. 

This morning, I tasted the cake. To my surprise, the taste was manageable, it was not that bad as I thoughtπŸ˜†. My mom's trick worked. πŸ˜…πŸ˜Š

Again a cake wreck -  rescue operation was a success πŸ˜„

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Saviour, cast away the  darkness... 

It's Christmas season, but my title holds a different feeling ... 

My city, Chennai, was shattered last week by the cyclone, 'Vardah', which was quite devastating. In the recent years, Chennai has become a soft target or magnet of Nature's violent behavior. Like the Tsunami in December '04, Heavy heavy rainfall in November '15 and this year... 'Vardah'. The cyclone uprooted a lot of trees, electric poles n transformers. Its so sad to see a dry Chennai in a week's time.  

During this cyclone hit, we were left with powet-cut and no-water condition, as we require the electric motor to pump the water up to the tank. Water... people managed by using the old traditional way... Yes, using a bucket and a rope to get the water from the tank directly (our very own "Well" technology). So that was a relief. But, power... Yes, the name is apt for electricity... No Electricity, no power. 

The nights were drained in darkness. People had UPS but that too went off in a couple of days as there was no electricity to recharge... Some places are still experiencing power-cuts as I'm blogging this. Rented Gensets... again scarcity... So darkness...darkness...darkness.

I... neither have UPS nor rented genset. But my nights were lit brightly with minimal effort and almost at no-cost. Guess what?!  SOLAR LAMP, yes... a simple but powerful solution.

Solar Lamp
Solar Panel
 My father bought her almost more than 15 years back. Comparing the re-chargable electric lamps to my solar lamp, I've bought around 4-5 of the former.  They tend to stop working after sometime.  But, all these years, she keeps working fine with just a couple of minor repairs. She travelled with me to Bangalore after my marriage. And now to Chennai 3 years back. She became my husband's favorite emergency lamp. He keeps insisting to take care of her.  

Having an 8 year old boy (my son) and experiencing the power-cuts and darkness, trust me, it's very difficult.
My Solar Lamp with a shape of a light-house, sits in a corner of my sitting room so humbly and the solar panel on the terrace... She brightened my nights.  She was there working perfectly, when I needed her the most. She didn't let me down. This experience was an eye opener. Now, I have an extra dose of respect for my dear Saviour... Yes... She did cast the Darkness, away. 

Get a solar lamp, it's an one-time investment, a promising long n strong bond. Go for it and experience the difference. 

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Quilling - Ganesha πŸ™

My Mom has a huge collection of Lord Ganesha's figurines. I must say...Quite a lot. 
Each one of them, unique in its own kind... Be it with what it is made of or the posture.

It has become a habit for us, like wherever we go, either my brother or my sis-in-law or me,  
We shop for her a Ganesha. 

So, how can I miss to make her a Quilling Ganesha!!! 

As I'm a beginner in quilling, I was browsing a lot for a simple method. Finally, this creation caught my eyes. 

And, here I am with my "Oh... So cute Ganesha" 

Materials required and method :

7 to 8 - 5mm for body
2 -  3mm for head
2 - 3mm for crown

*Stick head to the crown.

1 - 3mm  for each ear, slightly loosened and shaped into traingle

*Stick to the sides of the head.

1 - 3mm for left hand
1 - 3mm for right hand
1 - 3mm for trunk

*All 3 loosened to 2cm circle and shaped appropriately.

1 - 3mm for left palm
1 - 3mm for right palm

*Stick palm to hands.
*Stick the head and hands to the body.
*Decorate as u wish.