Monday, 27 June 2016


Fuchsia πŸ’ž 

A gorgeous flower...loved by humming birds...and me too😊.

I discovered this beauty on my UG excursion to Ooty and fell in love at first sight 😊. I was so mesmerized by this flower😍... That I, before taking a pic, forgot to remove the lens cover😝(yeah... cam...those days  πŸ˜’). Thus...missed to capture the beautiful memoryπŸ˜”

Once again... I was lucky enough to have a sight of it after a few years😍... On my tour to Nainital... with my hubby and 1½ year old son. We stopped by a small hotel for a few minutes... And just before leaving from there... Saw this beauty second time in my life... . Sadly...That day I was sickπŸ˜”and couldn't capture a clear pic... Again missed itπŸ˜―πŸ˜“

I didn't know the name of the flower... Didn't own a picture... The pretty flower remained a mystery to me😩.

In a couple of years... I suddenly remembered this beauty... And then thanks to technologyπŸ˜‡... went on a vigorous hunting spree... in search of a name and its pic with the help of "Google" and "Pinterest" 😎. 

This time I was really lucky. Found the beauty's nameπŸ˜…... "Fuchsia"πŸ’•.  A lovely name indeed😊. And to my surprise I found varieties of the same Flower in Pinterest ... Each one gorgeous of its own kindπŸ˜±πŸ‘Œ...

A Beast which haunted me for years☺... Is really a Beauty... Fuchsia πŸ˜™

Rava Kesari - A hit recipe

It was a big experience... For me πŸ˜›. Yes making Rava Kesari the first time😊.  Rava Kesari is considered as one of the easiest dessert at Indian homes but to me it was a challenge. If you don't cook properly you might end up with raw rawa... Or with the wrong consistency. It might be too runny or get too hard. It has a huge risk of forming lumps or getting burnt... which is definitely not good. Phew.... 😰. I'm just wondering... Is it one of the easiest dessert??? πŸ˜…

I had relatives from Singapore last week to Chennai. And their daughter's favorite dessert was Payasam and Kesari. She had a couple of chances to have payasam in hotels we dined at. So I thought will make Kesari at home for her😊. I googled Rava Kesari and directly clicked Rakskitchen link, one of my go-to blog for many recipes. I blindfoldedly followed the measurements and steps as it is and guess what??? I ended up with yummy rava Kesari πŸ‘Œ(sorryπŸ˜”πŸ˜“... No photo).

Everyone liked it. And yes... My best critic, my Mom, loved it a lot. She was full of praises (which is very rare πŸ˜‰) for the recipe, the consistency, the taste, the flavor and so onπŸ˜€...

Thanks a lot Rajeswari (Rakskitchen) πŸ™‡... For the perfect  Rava Kesari Recipe. A new (traditional) recipe learntπŸ˜‡.

2nd September 2016...
Picture updated... Made the delicious Rava Kesari, again, for my birthday yesterday 😝. Definitely it's a fool-proof recipe. Tastes yummy everytime (though I made it only twice πŸ˜†).